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    Aspiring Life Coaches!

We are pleased you are here and very excited that you are considering becoming a Life Coach. We believe it is the best growing profession that adds value to the life of others. You get to work from home or office, help people, own your own business and support a very comfortable lifestyle all at the same time. We are lucky enough to love what we do for a living and if there is a way for us to help you love it too, we are committed to doing it.

We have created a training program that we are confident you will love.We offer small, intimate classes, on-going support, continuing education, and a free re-fresher course for all students. Our face to face course is organized and moves quickly to prevent boredom and allows for participation and personal attention throughout the class. It is a safe and fun-loving environment that inspires creativity. We recognize our students and promote your growth.
We are unique & different. We take pride in our training institute. We are not traditional in our teaching style. We understand this. The founders and instructors have attended a variety of coaching classes and felt something was lacking. As a result, we was determined to create trainings that are unique and memorable.
Additionally, we aim to create a small learning environment that promotes building strong positive bonds with your fellow coaches and lasting relationships to provide a lifetime of continuous support.
Our private training institute offers reasonable tuition with affordable payment plans.  We teach you specifically what you need to know to be effective in the coaching industry. The institute is designed for individuals who are educated, self-aware, and passionate about coaching. It will give you a solid basic foundation in one of the most powerful professions today. If you are dedicated to lifelong learning and committed to your personal success, we are ready to partner with you. Our technique has worked in the lives of our founders and our clients for years. The best coaches we know use it and we know how to teach it. We use our exclusive coaching model, I C.A.R.E.| U C.A.R.E. Are you ready to start your journey?

Why Life Coaching?

Coaching has emerged as a thriving profession providing highly useful tools for businesses, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, and those going through career or other transformation changes. From the Wall Street Journal to Psychology Today to CNN, major publications, television, and other media have recognized that a well-trained, proficient coach is a valuable asset to achieving high goals, turning weaknesses into strengths, motivating high performance, and creating breakthrough results for individuals and organizations.

The growth of the coaching profession continues at a rapid pace. Successful coaches render valuable services to their clients and get paid well for those services. Those who add coaching skills to their management and professional toolbox produce highly successful teams satisfied with their leaders, their work, and their growth within their jobs. The key to success in either venue is that the coach is well trained.

The Certification Program consists of the following:
Coaching Competencies
Guiding the Client
Goal Setting
Cooperative Communication
Code of Ethics
Marketing Strategies
Introductory Role Play

The C.A.R.E. Model Program was specifically designed to provide students with a knowledge base / plan of action, of best practices, and client resolutions.The C.A. R. E. model is to create a foundation of processes to integrate the frame-work designated to effectively coach clients.

We provide a one time free re-fresher to students. Also, on-going support for our students in a private Facebook  group. Marketing Tips & Strategies used by fellow students in the coaching field. Small learning environment. Additionally, students will be featured on our find a coach page once all complete information is submitted. Join-us today! 682.231.0007

19 comments on “Aspiring Life Coaches

  1. Tonya Cavanero

    I’m glad that I seen this. Im a people person and I love helping people. I provide comfort to people with encouragement, prayer, and I also write inspirational letters to them as well. I Hope that this opportunity will open the doors to success for myself. Thank you. Tonya Cavanero is my name and celebrating life is my game.

    • Thelifecoachinstitute Post author

      The LIfe Coach Training Institute would like to thank you and provide you with any information you need. Please contact us at 682.231.0007. One of our coaches will love to tell you how our company will benefit you. Thanks in advance for your support.

    • Thelifecoachinstitute Post author

      Someone will contact you soon. Thanks for your interest in our certification class.

  2. teresa naron

    I recently missed courses being taught in Texas. I have also undergone a move to south Texas. Will there be any courses offerred closer to Austin, Houston, San Antonio this year? Are courses offerred ongoing at the Dallas Institute?

    • Thelifecoachinstitute Post author

      Not at this time, but we do offer a home study program.

  3. Amazing women with a dynamic life coach training experience! Thank you ladies for investing in me and God’s people. The instructors were timely, motivating, and FUN! A must do if you are serious about becoming a Life Coach.

    • Thelifecoachinstitute Post author

      Thank you DeBorah! We know that you are going to be an amazing Life Coach, and remember to call on us if you get stuck, need motivation or inspiration. We got you!

    • Thelifecoachinstitute Post author

      Traphena, we are still here if you need us:–)

  4. I believe in encourging and being a helpful energy. This certification sounds like a great opportunity

    • Thelifecoachinstitute Post author

      Chandra it is a great opportunity! If you are interested in attaining your certification, please let us know.

  5. I speak life into people and help them with their situations.please send me more information on how I can become a certified life coach in georgia.

    • Thelifecoachinstitute Post author

      We are excited that you have reached out to us. Currently, we do not have a class in Georgia, however we are mobile if there are 10 or more registered for a particular state. The good news is that we have people that fly in all the time into Texas, or you may choose to do our home study program. Our certification is valid everywhere in the USA, and we would love for you to join our team. If you have any further interest, please take some time and fill out the tab called: Registration & Payment Online. Thank you.

  6. DaShella Tramel

    Hello TLCTI. I am ready for a new season to do more for the people through encouragement and empowerment. I do not live in Tx but in Tn. Is there any way that I can still take your courses and become certified. Excited to begin in my near future. Thanks in advance.

    • Thelifecoachinstitute Post author

      Someone will contact you shortly. If you have any questions please call us at 682.231.0007.

  7. Elizabeth

    Hi! My name is Elizabeth, I’d love to have more info and start dates. I live in Dallas and ready to begin. Thank you

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